Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s cloud has risen to be one of the leading cloud service providers, their services range from cloud computing via EC2 to Storage and the customers range from startups to large enterprises who use AWS to run their applications in the cloud.

AWS involves a certain operational complexity and their continued future releases can pose a challenge to the IT departments.

Zansys can assist in helping you maximize the benefits and potential of Amazon Web Services which also result in cost savings by implementing AWS for the clients.

Zansys AWS Cloud Services

Our AWS cloud services starts from Cloud consulting & designing, and extends into migration planning, migration implementation, application development, and data control & governance.

  • Expert cloud infrastructure management
  • Cloud consulting and auditing services to design scalable and efficient application
  • Designing cloud solutions pertaining to resources, networking platform and data security
  • Assessing cloud readiness for creation of future roadmap
  • Migration recommendation based on existing IT infrastructure analysis
  • Accurate project management to effortlessly migrate data center to Cloud platform
  • Customized application development to enhance data transferability and business operations
  • Implementing cloud automation for automatic deployment of IT environment
  • Governing cloud based procedure and policies
Cloud operations management
  • Round the clock AWS service monitoring
  • On-time security management
  • Reporting and dashboard services concerning Amazon metrics